Tea Boxes by Ellen

I make several different kinds of tea boxes. Each one is made individually and, because of this, all sizes are approximate. My boxes are within a half inch of the listed size. There is no more beautiful way to serve tea to a guest than to do it with a beautiful box! Some of the boxes you see are for tea bags, some for loose tea and some for either. My canister boxes can be used for other things as well and are small enough and pretty enough to be stored on the counter. All boxes shown are a small sample of ones that I have made. Some are in stock and others can be made in a few weeks. Each tea box top is unique and designed by me using different wood species. Each one is a “one of a kind” and you will not find them in stores.



These tea boxes are 10 x 10 inches. They can hold up to 9 different teas in bags or packages.  Each different color is a different species of wood.  The dividers are removable for cleaning.

Cost: most boxes are $99 + shipping; some are priced higher due to the cost of materials




If a smaller tea box suits you, then consider a 4 chamber 7 x 7 inch box.  Small enough to fit anywhere with all of the style of a larger box.  You will see that there is a turquoise inlay in some of the boxes.  Whenever I find a knot or imperfection in the wood, I love to embellish it and turn it into a design feature.  Some knots will be visible on both the outside and inside of the box as you can see above.

Cost:  $65 + shipping



One of the most popular ways to drink tea today is loose tea in a pot or cup.  If you find yourself wanting variety in your loose tea selection, this box measuring approximately 12 x 5 inches is the perfect solution to keeping tea leaves fresh and on hand.  Each box comes with 3 air tight containers that can be removed and washed when necessary.  Also shown are single canisters that can be used for one variety of either loose or bagged tea.  The canisters measure 5 x 5 inches and are 6-7 inches tall.  They are pretty enough and small enough to leave on the counter.  Each has a metal insert that can be removed for cleaning.  In fact, you can put almost anything in them!

Three Container Boxes – can be used for tea or for jelly beans????

Cost:  $109 + shipping


Single Canister Boxes


Cost: $75 + shipping