Puzzle Boxes by Lorna

These unique boxes are a puzzle unto themselves!  Each rectangle consists of several compartments that a revealed by removing a piece of the puzzle.  I make them using a variety of wood species including mahogany and walnut.  There are some that have a small “secrets” compartment in the final reveal.  There are others that have a “secret spring drawer” that opens from the lower fifth of the box when the last piece is pulled out.  I also make an Angel Fish Puzzle Box that opens into an approximately 2 x 2 inner compartment.  These boxes are great fun to play with whether you are a child or an adult.  Just be sure you remember how to reassemble them once you open them!  Below are examples of some of these boxes.

Prices vary by complexity of the box but generally run between $59-99.


The closed box
Remove the corner key and slide the top off to reveal the inner chamber


Note the small box in the right bottom of the box.
Remove this to reveal another box!




Remove the key and slide the top off
Pull on the handle of the small box and the drawer springs open!



Remove both fins.
Slide off the top of the fish.
Now you see the top to the compartment.
Here is the fish completely opened. To reassemble, reverse your steps!