Ellen & Lorna



We have been woodworking for most of our lives. About eight years ago, we began collaborating on what is now called EKL Designs in an attempt to provide quality woodworking at reasonable prices. We each have unique styles and specialize in using that style to create interesting and useful wood products. Lorna’s specialties include scroll work, bandsaw boxes, unique puzzle boxes with hidden compartments, her dinosaur dioramas, and several hidden treasure boxes. Lorna is the master of puzzle boxes, bow boxes with wooden barber pole bows and the use of dried cedar logs to make aromatic boxes and unique items. Ellen specializes in boards and boxes. She makes unusual cutting boards and bread and oil dipping boards with many uses as well as trays, sushi boards, unique tea boxes and tea light holders.

We both understand and honor the raw beauty of wood as it comes from the tree.  We never use stain on our pieces.  The colors you see are the natural colors of the wood with a clear protective finish.  Enjoy your journey on our website.