Dipping Boards by Ellen

Dipping Boards have become one of my favorite items.  These unique boards are 19 x 5 inches and have decorative handles and a 3 inch ramekin on one end.  They are great for oil and bread, marinara and bread, soft cheese and crackers or almost anything you can think of.  Each board has a cork bottom so as not to mar a table surface.  The wood has been finished in a mineral oil and beeswax mix and can be rejuvenated with just mineral oil as needed.   Cleaning is simple.  Wipe off the wood with a damp cloth and dry well.  What you see here are some of the dipping boards I have made.  There are endless wood and handle combinations including my “Skipper Dip” which sports Herreshoff cleat handles.



Cost:  $95 + shipping



Cost:  $110 + shipping