Cedar Log Boxes by Lorna

Cedar Log Boxes are made from dried cedar logs.  The interesting thing about them is that the log really dictates the box!  Despite the fact that they have been dried for at least a year, the aroma of cedar permeates the box.  For that reason, I do not put finish on the inside of the box.  I make two types of cedar log boxes: a puzzle box with multiple compartments that sits on the stump of the log and a bandsaw box with 2 or 3 drawers that sits on the side of the log.  Everything is determined by the size and shape of the log.


As you can see, the layers peel away until you get to the inner box in plate 3.  Once you open that, there are even more layers until you reach the inner cavity.  All the while, the wonderful aroma of cedar is present.


Cost:  $140 + shipping



This is a great box for storing jewelry or other treasured items.  Each box is unique and some have 3 drawers.

Cost: $110 + shipping